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Beneficiary Details
State            :MAHARASHTRA
District        :NASHIK
Block           :DINDORI 
Panchayat   :KOCHARGAON
Village         :KOCHARGAON
Beneficiary Name :BANSILAL MURLIDHAR REHARE(MH1437835)
Personal Details
Father/Husband Name : MURLIDHAR CHANDAR REHARE Gender : Male
Category : ST Whether Minority : N
Date of Birth : 1965 Age at time of Survey : 46
No. Of Family Member : House Allotted to : Joint(Husband and Wife)
Member Id No. : 001 House Hold No. : 0075
Registration Financial Year : 2017-2018 Nrega Job Card No. : MH-06-003-022-001/9947
SBM No. : 0 House Status : Completed
Bank Details
Branch Name : XXXXXX Branch Code : XXXXXX
IFSC : XXXXXXXXXXX Account status : Verified
Sanction and Completion Details
Administrative Sanction No. : MH06003/1/433 Administrative Sanction Date : 29/8/2017[2017-2018]
Scheme Under which Sanction : PMAYG Unit Assitance Sanctioned(Rs.) : 120000
InCash/Advice/Cheque  (in Rs.) : 0 In Kind(worth Rs.)nd(worth Rs.) : 0
Remand Status :
Convergence Details
Ujjwala Connection : MGNREGA: Status
Order Sheet Details
InstallmentFinancial YearAmount (In Rs.)Order Sheet No.Order Sheet Date
1 2017-201825000MH06003-PMAYG-1-16678224/11/2017
2 2017-201830000MH06003-PMAYG-2-21129725/01/2018
3 2017-201830000MH06003-PMAYG-3-27158628/03/2018
4 2018-201925000MH06003-PMAYG-4-34397624/05/2018
5 2018-201910000MH06003-PMAYG-5-37740715/06/2018
FTO Details
InstallmentFinancial YearAmount (In Rs.)FTO No.Payment DateRefund Status
1 2017-201825000MH1806003_241117FTO_16880704/12/2017 
2 2017-201830000MH1806003_030318FTO_26743019/03/2018 
3 2017-201830000MH1806003_280318FTO_31739713/04/2018 
4 2018-201925000MH1806003_280518FTO_36549702/06/2018 
5 2018-201910000MH1806003_010818FTO_43184202/08/2018 
Inspection Details
House StatusInspect DateInspector OfficerMap ViewHouse Photo
Toilet Completed 24/05/2018By Mobile App Bharat Map
Roof Cast 24/05/2018By Mobile App Bharat Map
Completed 24/05/2018By Mobile App Bharat Map
Lintel Level 26/03/2018By Mobile App Bharat Map
Plinth 24/01/2018By Mobile App Bharat Map
Proposed Site 22/02/2017By Mobile App Bharat Map
Existing site(Old House) 22/02/2017By Mobile App Bharat Map